Sarasvati Burgos | Competition rules


March 15, 20189, friday 17:00h
Ciudad de Burgos Hotel

*Jury will value difficulty in technique, control, technique, execution, dressing, make up and interpretation.

*Organization and jury keep the right of modify, extend or declair void any prize if it is appropiate. Jury decision is unappealable.

*Jury deliberation will take place in the same day of competition, after it. Prizes will be given in that same moment.


 Oriental Professional Soloist

Oriental Semi Profesional Soloist

Oriental Professional Amateur

Oriental Group



All dancers that obey any of this points:

1º Work on teaching in this discipline.

2º Have their own academy or scholo

3º Get some type of payment for performing or giving workshops

4º Manage or be part any professional dance company.


All dancers that have any of these characteristics:

1º Having from 3 to 5 years of experience in Bellydance 

2º Belonging to some semiprofesional troupe


All dancers that obey any of this points:

 1º Do not get any payment for performing

2º Are not members of any professional dancing company


All Bellydance Groups that want to share their work on a space created from them, where to enjoy and learn about dance and other mates.


This year we add this new category to have hace a space for all dancing types and sharing with other styles. Open for soloist and groups.

In this category we can see oriental fusion, fusion with fantasy elements, tribal or bollywood.



*Minumun age for participate will be 16 years old. Notice that person under 18 years old will need a signed authorization from father, mother or guardian.

*Participants will only make bellydance (folk) coreography, except in fusion category

*Participants can show an own or someone else´s coreography. In case the coreography is someone else´s it is necesary to give authority.

*All kind of elements can be used, from the most classic to the latest incorporations in bellydance.

*In groupal category there will be a maximun of 8 participants.

*The maximun length of esach performance will be 4 minutes. All songs and staging will be admited.

*Festival organization reserves the rigth of dismiss participation in category or contest if necesary, because of the breach of competition basis.

*Inscription payment means basis acceptation. Just in case of contest cancelation because of  organization, inscription money will be returned.


Travel and accommodation will be responsability of each participant.

Participants give authorization for the audiovisual media that can take place during the contest, giving the rights of them to organization.

Participation in contest means the acceptation of all the previous basis.